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Tip of the Week: Building those Pecs

To increase both your strength and definition in your chest, start your workout by “pre-exhausting” the muscle.  To do this, start your chest workout with 3-4 sets of machine chest flys(low-moderate weight) and then move on to a flat bench press…preferably dumbbells.  Although you will not be able to lift as much weight as your normal dumbbell press, by pre-exhausting the muscle you will eliminate smaller muscles (front deltoids and triceps).  This forces you to utilize your primary chest muscles (pecs), thus allowing you to work the chest to failure and yield maximum results.  Try this for at least 4-6 weeks, when you resume your normal chest workouts, you will find that you will be able to handle more weight.Replicas Inflatable Cemento




Massages for enhanced performance, by Cindy Fabro

If you are an athlete, professional or amateur, or even if you are a person who likes to exercise, getting regular massages may help you perform better.  Vigorous training can lead to tight, sore muscles, which may add unnecessary stress to joints, ligaments and tendons that assist the muscles in our bodies and help us move.  Muscle tension can lead to a decrease in range of motion, inflexible, rigid muscles and muscle ‘knots’.  All of which can increase the chance of injury.  Consistent tension in muscles can also lead to a decrease of oxygen to the muscles, which can leave you feeling achy and tired.  Keeping your muscles hydrated, oxygenated, relaxed, and flexible, can help you perform at your peak.

Just like any professional athlete, you need to properly take care of your body to help you avoid injury and perform at your best at every event.  Drinking water, stretching, warming-up and cooling-down are things we need to do in order to take care of our bodies.  But did you know that getting regular massages could help you train more effectively, perform better and recover more quickly?  Deep tissue massage can help relax tight, sore muscles, keeping them flexible and supple, flush out built up toxins and work out muscle knots and trigger points.  Massages also promote circulation to the areas being worked so tight muscles get the oxygen they need as well as nutrients important for muscle repair.  Massage can break down built up lactic and uric acids as well as other waste products that can accumulate and cause discomfort in the body.


Massages may also be beneficial during a specific sporting event.  Before an event starts, it can help warm up the body, increase blood flow to the muscles and help relieve any tension of the muscles that will be involved in the exertion, in turn, helping you perform better.  During an event, massage can help with any tightness or cramping that may occur and help support recovery and after an event, it can help flush the system, relax the muscles and aid in repair of tissues that may have been slightly damaged during the event.  One thing to remember: massages shouldn’t replace your regular routine but should be utilized more as an addition to it.


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