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Tip of the Week: Is your computer screen bright enough?

A proper workplace environment and workstation is vital to a healthy lifestyle. If your computer screen is not positioned properly, or illuminating a proper amount of light, overtime it can lead to problems.  With respect to brightness of your computer screen, it should equal (or slightly exceed) the rest of the lighting in the room.  If it does not, and the screen is duller, you will unconsciously squint to see the computer screen.  When you squint, your neck automatically flexes (moves) forward to assist your vision.  This puts unnecessary stress on your neck and leads to neck and upper back issues/pain, which is a common finding in the workplace.  A few tips to ensure your computer is bright enough include:  adjusting the setting on the computer screen until you find comfort, dimming the lights in your office, or shutting the blinds during peak sun hours.

Be aware and stay healthy!!!


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