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A Message of Hope

As the holiday season is once again upon us, I thought I would share some of my own experiences of hope to provide those that need it some encouragement, understanding, and trust in a better tomorrow!

It’s sad, but the truth is many people struggle and experience pain during the holidays.  Whether it’s because of the loss of a loved one, or not having a loved one, occupational stresses, health, or financial struggles….the holidays can be the toughest! For me, I now smile and I am happy through this holiday, but for many years I was hopeless with tears! Losing my soul mate and angel in January 2004 left me devastated in pain, nowhere to turn to and nowhere to go! Everyday was difficult but the holidays were especially cruel.  I actually went as far as lying to my family and friends, telling them I was with other people, when the reality was I was at home crying…. terribly lonely and missing Brenda’s touch (Although I was never alone- she is with me always :) ) The phone calls and attempts by friends and family to extend love and warmth was always appreciated and definitely needed but unfortunately it just couldn’t numb the pain.  But one thing always stood true; I knew in my head and heart that Brenda would watch out for me and make sure I was happy one day. 9 years later I have a beautiful and remarkable wife Julie and a baby on the way!!! :)

Don’t give up and always believe. If you truly have hope for a better tomorrow, it WILL come.  It happened to me. Think right, be a good person, always want the best for others, and it will happen to you!

To those of you who find yourselves struggling through the holidays, my heart and prayers go out to you in hope that next year will bring you peace and much much more!

And to those who are in a great place, I wish you continued happiness….you deserve it….show your gratitude by reaching out to someone you know could use a simple “hello” or “we love you”! (pick up the phone).

Keep smiling!!!

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