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Concussions in sports…get informed!

Every era of sports has had different issues to deal with…it’s no secret that we are currently struggling through the era of concussions. While I am confident that adjustments will be made to protect our modern day athletes, until then it’s vital to become more informed!

One thing that’s for sure is athletes at all levels are bigger, stronger, faster and more skilled than they have ever been…and rule changes in sports have enhanced their abilities to show off these remarkable skill sets.

Working with athletes and dealing with parents of athletes means I am constantly asked the following questions: What is a concussion? How do you know if you have a concussion? Do I have a concussion? What do I do about a concussion? Etc….

I recently came across this very informative video overview put together by Dr. Mike Evans: “Concussions 101″

I suggest you take the 5 minutes and watch it!  Hats off to Dr. Evans for putting it together so nicely!

To all those parents out there: get your kids to watch it too because symptoms are often difficult to detect from the outside in.

Finally, if you think you or your child has been concussed, consult a health care professional!!

Stay Healthy, Stay Active, and most importantly Keep Smiling :)

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