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As good as Dr. Oz is, he dropped the ball on this one!

This blog post is in direct response to a clip I was recently sent from the Dr. Oz show on chiropractic… it outraged me!! Let me start by saying I think Dr. Oz is great and I think that overall he has done a great job at making his viewers more aware of their health. I also believe that Dr. Oz was trying to show chiropractic in a good light, but in this case the actions of the chiropractor he featured were grossly misleading and potentially harmful. I have to assume that Dr. Oz was either poorly informed or uneducated about proper chiropractic care.  In my opinion, the chiropractor’s actions on the show were negligent!!  If you care about your health and are looking to maintain your health, read this blog, as proper chiropractic care may be a huge boost to your health and may be the care you need. But only if you see the right chiropractor!


Chiropractic is NOT quackery; however there are many chiropractors who are ‘quacks’.  Truth is, it doesn’t bother me that many people think chiropractors are quacks. What bothers me is that there are actually chiropractors out there who are quacks, they abandon what they were taught in school, and adopt their own beliefs and practices based on opinion rather than evidence. It’s these chiropractors that give the profession a poor misguided reputation and it’s these chiropractors that I urge you to avoid!

In the case of this episode on Dr. Oz’s show, he chose a random audience member who came up on stage. She was asked if she had back pain and she said sometimes.  She was then introduced to the chiropractor, who proceeded to put her on his portable table and treat her with chiropractic adjustments without even asking her any questions about her pain or putting her thru any examination.  Are you freaking kidding me???? >:

Chiropractors are doctors and we study hard for it! As chiropractors (as with any other type of doctor) we have an obligation and duty to our patients to first do no harm! In order to do so, a doctor needs to treat according to a diagnosis. In order to diagnose, you must at a minimum perform a history and examination. Then and only then can you determine a working diagnosis, and once you have a diagnosis, only then can you properly treat someone. Hey Dr. Oz and that chiropractor on the show (won’t mention his name): do you realize that if the patient’s pain was coming from her disc, you could have severely aggravated her condition?! Do you realize that if the pain was coming from her muscles it might not require an adjustment!? Do you realize that her pain could have been coming from her kidneys??!! I think you get the point!!


Chiropractic is a science and a form of medicine, and when seeking a proper chiropractor be sure that he/she conducts himself/herself accordingly.


Dr. G’s Tips to ensure you are getting proper chiropractic care:

  • Make sure the chiropractor performs a proper initial assessment prior to treatment– this means going through a health history (asks specific questions) and an examination (runs you through specific tests)
  • Make sure you get a proper diagnosis and that they explain to you what it means (see November 2011 blog for more info)
  • The doctor should make you aware of alternative treatments and any risks involved with treatment
  • The length of the treatment plan should be reasonable (and results should come in a reasonable time frame)
  • Do not pre-pay for treatment
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the clinic and the chiropractor.  Trust your instincts!
  • It is your health and you are in the driver seat…get informed and make decisions that are right for you, not ones that are dictated to you
To watch the clip, click on this link: (If you don’t want to watch the whole video, skip to 4:10 to see the part I’m referring to).

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