Dr. Green's Protocols

Where it all began

A specialist in the health and wellness field for several years, Dr. Green has used his specialized training to immerse himself in the world of sports therapy. Dr. Green's valuable knowledge and extensive experience in treating professional athletes has allowed him to develop a unique approach to treating sport related injuries. Dr. Green understands that being physically active, playing sports and exercising, regardless of the level of intensity, takes a toll on one's body; therefore, his approach focuses on helping individuals regain function. Dr. Green has a thorough understanding of the body's mechanics, as well as the associated occupational and lifestyle stresses that are placed on one's body. This knowledge allows him to functionally assess and treat individuals with specific treatment protocols and specialized techniques designed to maximize function.

Working specifically with NHL hockey players, Dr. Green developed Dr. Green's Treatment Protocols, which is a systematic approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sport related injuries. Dr. Green has developed these protocols over time in order to achieve the best results possible. These protocols are customized for each individual and are effective on a wide range of patients; from those who lead a sedentary lifestyle to high-profile athletes.

First Step Groin Protocol Shoulder Protocol Dr. Green's Performance Protocol

First Step

The first step in the treatment process always involves diagnosing and assessing the issue and why the problem exists. By obtaining a detailed medical history and a clinical examination of the affected area(s), we are able to outline specific options and develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to both your short and long term goals. By maintaining a personalized approach, we will be able to help you restore, maintain and maximize your health.

Clinical visits will allow you to learn the proper in-home, at-work and/or in-gym stretches and strengthening exercises under the supervised eye of our health practitioners. These specialized exercises will ensure your activities outside the clinic are supporting the goal of restoring proper function, maximizing performance and minimizing reoccurrences. Our experienced practitioners are committed to not only providing you with a customized plan that suits your physical needs and lifestyle, but also the hands-on care and education needed to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Groin Protocol

Dr. Green has worked closely with several professional athletes to maximize performance while minimizing injuries, especially in the groin and hip areas. This led him to develop the Groin Protocol, which utilizes a variety of different techniques to maximize strength and flexibility of the groin and hip areas and significantly decrease the chance of injury. In cases where a strain or tear already exists, this protocol has proven to drastically speed up recovery time and limit reoccurrence. His unique treatment protocol utilizes specialized soft tissue therapy, electro-acupuncture and adjustment therapy to increase the flexibility of certain muscles, while allowing the body to maintain maximum strength.

For all levels of athletes, this protocol approach creates an athlete that is faster, stronger and more explosive on the ice, field, or court. The better your body functions, the better you feel, perform and enjoy your exercise of choice!

Shoulder Protocol

Aware that shoulder pain, caused by an underlying rotator cuff strain, is one of the most common injuries associated with being active, Dr. Green has developed a specialized treatment approach that addresses these often missed or undiagnosed issues. The proper diagnosis and treatment, which is accompanied by specifically prescribed stretching and strengthening exercises, is just part of the formula that has made Dr. Green's Shoulder Protocol the long lasting solution to many individuals' shoulder problems.

This uniquely designed treatment protocol allows the individual the opportunity to overcome the obstacles of pain and dysfunction, and return to a normal exercise routine at their desired intensity with minimal risk of reoccurrence.

Dr. Green's Performance Protocol

Looking for a preventative measure to address the growing number of repetitive strain injuries, Dr. Green designed his Performance Protocol for those individuals who are striving to achieve the maximal level of health and wellness. In addition to treating any current condition with therapeutic techniques, each visit consists of a complete musculoskeletal screening for pain, discomfort and weakness in order to address potential problem areas before they become painful or debilitating.

The Performance Protocol is extremely thorough and tailored to each individual patient. Unlike standard treatments rendered in-clinic, the entire body is assessed (including areas not associated with any pain or discomfort) to minimize the chance of future strains, sprains or other injuries. The Performance Protocol focuses on treatment protocols similar to the ones Dr. Green uses with his professional athletes.

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  • Testimonials

    • Lou G.
      "After two unsuccessful back surgeries, I was skeptical when a friend recommended that I see Dr. Green. It has been four years since my first visit - I am pain free and thrilled to say that I am doing everything I used to do before my injury."
    • Rischa S.
      "I have known Dr. Green for several years in his capacity as a Chiropractor. During that time, he has helped me tremendously with recurring neck and upper arm problems, and more recently, with a case of plantar fascitis. For the latter, he gave me several treatments, and also fitted me with custom-made orthotics. I am now able to walk with little heel pain and discomfort. Dr. Green is extremely professional and competent. He communicates well with his patients, is patient, and is always understanding. I would highly recommend his services."
    • Cathy D.
      "I have a mild case of Sprengel's deformity of the right scapula which had caused my upper back muscles to be in constant pain. Dr. Green has been treating the rotator cuff with acupuncture and soft tissue massage. It was incredibly wonderful to wake up one morning after four treatments and to realize that I wasn't in agony!"
    • Marla G.
      "Suffering from migraine headaches for over 20 years was definitely a problem not only for me, but my family as well. Shiatsu, massage, needles and chiropractic all gave temporary relief in the past, but Dr. Green's approach was different. After 4 weeks my migraines were gone, and 1 year later I'm still smiling… and so is my family!"
  • Client Athletes

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